​Method Toolkit

Alberta CoLab was disbanded in March 2020. This page exists as a historical record.

Methods help enable collaborative reasoning, visualizing, modelling, and making.

We have organized our systemic design and foresight methods using Look – Frame – Generate – Adapt.

These four activity streams combine in a fluid and dynamic mix to constitute a methodology. They also combine to form a really fun word: loofragenada!

The Look - Frame - Generate - Adapt methodology moves people from expanding their knowledge base about a challenge, to crafting potential interventions and learning from their application in the real world.

Used together, these methods enable a team to develop a deeper and broader appreciation of the challenge, design and inject novel artifacts and actions into the real world situation, learn from generative interactions, and feed these lessons back into future iterations.

Different methods or tools will be useful during different phases of systemic design and foresight projects. Rather than thinking of them as stages or a cycle, think of each activity stream as a different way of exploring a challenge space. Start where it makes sense to start given the challenge.

Click here to download a complete set of method hexes in PDF form.