Alberta CoLab was disbanded in March 2020. This page exists as a historical record. Training in systemic design and strategic foresight is no longer offered.

Capacity Building is one of CoLab's four work streams. This work aims to ma​​ke the Government of Alberta and its public servants more adaptive, better able to embrace and respond to the complexity of the challenges we face, and more futures-oriented.

CoLab offers in-house, intensive training courses in systemic design and strategic foresight. Need something you don't see here? If you are looking for a more tailored training offering, reach out to us.

Training opportunities are open to all Government of Alberta staff.

Intensive Training Courses

Intensive training courses are multi-day, immersive, interactive learning experiences. Intensives are designed to balance theory with practice, with all participants having opportunities to lead and work in groups and do individual work on real-life case studies. All intensives have pre-reading and homework assignments in between days.

CoLab offers intensives in systemic design and foresight 1-2 times per year each.

We are often on the lookout for suitable case studies for our Systemic Design Intensive. If you have a project that could benefit from intensive work by one of our cohorts, please reach out to us.

Mini Meet-ups

As our CoLab community grows, mini meet-ups are designed to support practitioners as they apply their newly learned toolkits. Meet-ups are pretty informal – a phone chat, coffee, or quick email (we looove coffee!). It might involve providing feedback on a draft agenda, soliciting facilitation ideas, or talking through a particular method. Mini meet-ups are arranged between practitioners and any CoLab team member on demand, as schedules permit. Contact the CoLab team member you’d like to connect with directly.