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Alberta CoLab was disbanded in March 2020. This page exists as a historical record.

Below, find CoLab creations to support your work. Our portfolio of products and artifacts helps demonstrate how we are applying systemic design and strategic foresight in the Government of Alberta. Some publications are available via the Alberta Open Government Portal.


Field Guides

CoLab field guides are designed to support practitioners and give newbies a solid jumping off point. Participants in CoLab's training intensives each receive a bound, hard copy of the respective field guide.






Handouts, Templates & Posters 

Use these handouts in your workshops or as a handy reference at your desk.

Reference Handouts

Templates & Activity Sheets



Every two years, CoLab publishes a portfolio of work highlighting a selection of key projects. Projects are chosen for inclusion in the portfolio based on their impact, novelty, and learning potential.

 Presentations, Videos & Webinars


Video Presentations