Alberta CoLab was disbanded in March 2020. This page exists as a historical record.

There's a lot that goes into the working of a small innovation team! If you're interested in learning more about systemic design, strategic foresight, or public sector innovation more broadly, this is a good place to start. Explore our virtual library of resources below - there's a lot out there in the interwebs, so consider this a jumping off point for your ongoing learning and exploration. We've curated what we think are some of the more meaningful, seminal, and accessible resources for you here​.

For Alberta CoLab's own creations, see the Publications tab above.


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​Behavioural Insights​

​Design Facilitation

Design Thinking​



​Indigenous Innovation

​Methods and Toolkits


  • Future Curious - Leading experts and radical thinkers discuss the bold ideas that will affect our future, and what we can all do about them, by nesta

  • Future Thinkers - A podcast about evolving technology, society, and consciousness.

  • Knowledge Project​ - Ideas, mental models, stories, and life lessons that will help you master the best of what other people have already figured out.​

  • ​Maybe​ - A series inspired by individuals who are tackling critical ​issues and challenges in communities across Canada.

  • Pause​ - Changemakers taking a moment to reflect on their journey through complex problems, by Alberta Social Innovation Connect.

  • State of the Human​ - Stories that deepen our understanding of single, common human experiences—belonging, giving, lying, forgiveness—all drawn from the experiences and research of the Stanford community.

  • Unmistakeable Creative ​- If TED Talks met Oprah…

  • Unreserved​ - A space for Indigenous community, culture, and conversation, introducing listeners to storytellers, culture makers and community shakers from across Canada with a soundtrack from the best in Indigenous music.

​Power and Privilege

​Public Sector Innovation

​Public Sector Innovation: Units and Labs

​Social Labs


​Systemic Design

Systems Leadership

​Systems Thinking

​Social Innovation


​Visual Thinking