​​​​​​​​CoLab Services.

Alberta CoLab was disbanded in March 2020. This page exists as a historical record.

While, in many ways, we operate like an in-house consultancy for the Government of Alberta, we are not consultants. We are public servants. We’re not in the market for clients; we’re open to project partnerships with folks who share our values – partnerships that enable us to use our skillsets to support other public servants pushing boundaries to benefit Albertans.

CoLab’s efforts are focused in four key service areas: ​
  1. Projects: in order of priority: Energy system, Integrated Resource Management, Government/Cross-ministry Initiatives, Innovation Spaces.

  2. Capacity Building: education, training, and collaborative practitioner forums (e.g., Communities of Practice) to make accessible and imbed mindset, methodologies, and tools.

  3. Field Building: outward-facing engagements to build out the field of expertise and leverage additional resources. This includes building a network of labs, chairing and presenting at conferences, and partnerships with universities and other experts in related fields. 

  4. Advisory Services: providing technical and strategic advice in our areas of expertise: energy-related technological innovation, emissions, and public sector innovation.